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potassium sulphate, in the presence of a catalyst, to convert the nitrogen into ammonium . GCV to NCV of the fuel at constant pressure and at consent volume.

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Conversions. To obtain:- Air Dry. Dry Basis. As Received. - multiply ar by: 100 - IM%. 100. —. 100 - TM%. 100 - TM% ad by: —. 100. 100 - TM%. 100 - IM%.

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Glossary. ADB - Air-Dried Basis. In coal sample analysis, ADB neglects the presence of moistures other than inherent moisture while DB (dry-basis) leaves out

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Moisture conversion to different bases - refer to ASTM D3180 / ISO 1170 . Net Calorific Value (NCV) Calculations and Conversion Factors Ref: Net Calorific

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12 Mar 2013 GCV by Bomb % Sulphur Calorimeter K(ADB ) Cal/kg (ADB). NCV,ARB. RS / Ton Rs / K Cal (Blend) (NCV ,ARB Basis). % Total Moisture (ARB ).

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Coal Calculator. Units. Total moisture: Inherent Moisture: Ash component: Calorific Value (Gross As Received):; Calorific Value (Air Dried Basis):; Calorific Value

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6 Feb 2013 net calorific value and gross calorific value GCV to NCV conversion: - Using the .. What is the relation between gcv at ad and adb and arb?

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1. GCV = 339×%C + 1427(%H − %O/8) + 22×%S. = 32060.2 KJ/Kg. NCV = GCV – 24.44(9×%H + %M). = 30630.26 KJ/Kg. Thus NCV = 0.955 times GCV in this

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Calorific Value Min (kcal/kg NCV), 5,300. Total Moisture (ARB), 15.0% Max. Volatile Matter Min (ADB), 23.0%. Volatile Matter Max (ADB), 32.0%. Ash (ARB)

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Specific Energy Conversions. For conversions between units. 1 btu/lb = 0.002326 mj/kg 1 kcal/kg 0.0041868 mj/kg 1 metric ton (tonne) 1.10231 short tons