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20 Aug 2018 And, a few small jurisdictions hand count paper ballots. Voters who use DRE voting machines with paper trails have the opportunity to review

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load increases, however, the amount of available re- exist in very small jurisdictions with few full-time . of their voting systems, records, and equipment in.

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5 Nov 2019 Voters in four states are casting ballots in key general elections, including Matt Bevin speaks during a campaign rally in Lexington, Ky., on Monday. In Key 2019 Races, Activists Gear Up For Big Fight Over Abortion Hood could win a majority

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Electoral fraud, sometimes referred to as election fraud, election manipulation or vote rigging, In a narrow election, a small amount of fraud may be enough to change the result. .. In a visit to Delta Amacuro, president and reelection candidate Nicolás Maduro

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national elections in the small Pacific state of Nauru. .. the phosphate supplies on which their economy depends, as well as .. They did not campaign and.

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8 Nov 2019 The first sign something was wrong with Northampton County, Pennsylvania's state-of-the-art voting system came on Election Day when a voter